Destination Dhankuta

Welcome To Dhankuta

Dhankuta is known as the queen of the hills because of the scenic beauty it offers. The district headquarters of Dhankuta is the Dhankuta municipality which is also the headquarters of the Eastern Development Region. It is also the commercial center for the northern districts as it lay in the middle of the region. Newari, Kiranti and Indo-Aryan groups mainly constitutes the population of the area.

It lay at an altitude of 120 to 2702 meters above the sea level.

Famous places in Dhankuta are Hile Bazar, Pakhribas Bazar, Namje Village, Bhedetar, Namaste Jharna, Rajarani, Dhoje Dada etc.

Places To Visit

Important Places To Visit


Halfway between Dharan and Dhankuta lies Sailung Danda or Bhedetar, an evermisty place that puts every other hill station to shame. It is named after the bheda (sheep) that used to graze in the tar (plains). As you go up the Charles View Tower located a little further from the bus stop, you can actually feel the fog seeping in on you. Prince Charles stopped by this point in the 1980s, leading to the tower's English name. The tower allows a breathtaking view of Saptakoshi and serpentine roads.

Pakhribas Bazar

Pakhribas is small beautyful place. From Hile, you can drive five more kms to reach Pakhribas, which offers you a chance to visit temples, observe tea plantation and agriculture forms.

Dhankuta Bazar

The best way to experience the wilderness of Dhankuta is to take a walk through the forest of salla (pine) trees that surround it on all sides.The serene greenery, chatter of monkeys and hum of birds will work their magic and take away your tiredness.Make sure you visit the haat (local market), a feast of goodies are spread out every Thursday. Dhankuta is a haven for the spiritually inclined, with temples such as Jalpadevi, Nishan Bhag wati, Pathibhara Devi and Naageshwar Mahadev within easy reach.

Hile Bazar

Once you've had your fill of the market, it is time to visit another beautiful hill station -Hile, the entry point of trekking trips to Kanchanjunga and Makalu. Thirteen kms upwards of Dhankuta, Hile is immediately recognised by the huge structure of tongba (a millet-based alcoholic beverage) jar constructed right at the crossroads. And indeed, Hile's tongba and sukuti are to die for. Hile is to be visited for its panoramic views, and an amalgamation of religions can be seen in the presence of numerous churches, temples and monasteries existing side by side.

Rajarani Taal

Raja Rani lake also called Rani tal, is situated in Dhankuta, eastern region of Nepal. It is a best place to hide from hot environment of Tarai and lost in beauty of nature with panoramic view along with chilled environment. It is also a best place for sunrise view point. It just 37 Kilometer away from Dharan, the main city of Eastern Nepal and 19 KM away from Bhedetar.